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Lexbe eDiscovery Platform Pricing

TechnolawyerImageFullLexbeSliderLexbe eDiscovery Platform usage is priced based solely on the amount of your data – the volume of GBs hosted in your account. Our pricing is industry competitive with out eDiscovery providers. We offer a Flex Plan, which requires no extended commitment, as well as discounted Annual Plans. Our proprietary software and scalable infrastructure allow us to offer highly competitive hosting rates while delivering an advanced and comprehensive feature set. Contact us to learn more about our unmatched pricing flexibility and commitment to reducing eDiscovery costs.

No User Fees or Case Fees

Create as many cases as you need and have as many users as you wish for no additional cost. You pay only for the data you host.

Save with DIY Administration

Unlike many of our competitors, we have no required or implicit minimum technical services or project management billable hours. You can completely self-manage your cases, and most of our clients do just that. This includes case and user set-up, data and ESI import/ingestion, custom field creation and management, document review, production and briefcase creation, advanced reporting and more. Of course if you ever need assistance our expert eDiscovery Specialists in our Technical Services department are ready to help right away.

Discounted Annual Plans Available

We also offer deeply-discounted annual plans for those with longer cases.

Free Processing

For data you upload yourself there is no processing charge (usually $150/GB or more). You pay only for your hosted data. Plus, if you commit to hosting data with us for our annual plans we’ll process and load your ESI and/or standard load files free of charge for you. Just send us your data for loading over our secure online account, or ship to us on a portable drive, and we’ll handle the details.

No Cases Too Large or Too Small

We know it’s hard to believe, but while we have clients hosting large cases with millions of documents and tens of millions of pages with us, we also have clients hosting cases with just hundreds of documents. Our scalable software allows us to scale up and down to match your needs!

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