eDiscovery Webinar Series: A Law Firm’s Guide to Handling Large Document Collection, Review & Production In-House


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The challenge of finding cost-efficient solutions to complete large collection, review and production assignments on time and within budget becomes more pressing each year. Large eDiscovery projects are generally handled in one of 3 ways; 1) Contracting a professional Managed Review firm (outsourced), 2) Using Technology Assisted Review (TAR) or 3) Managed In-house. While many firms would prefer to manage their project in-house the daunting task of handling hundreds of thousands of documents can quickly become your project from hell, unless a proactive Discovery Management Plan has been created.

Lexbe’s eDiscovery Webinar Series offers expert insight into a variety of topics, bringing you industry experts to address complex issues. Phillip Hearn, this month’s speaker, has managed a multitude of large eDisocvery projects and shares practical advice on how your firm can take control of ESI intense case loads.

When properly planned and managed, handling large projects in-house can be a cost-effective solution which keeps the quality and control of the project in the hands of the firm. With proactive planning, complex document review does not have to mean complicated.

The webinar agenda includes these topics:

  • Data Growth and the Changing Landscape
  • Preparing your Firm for eDiscovery Projects
  • Assessing the Scope Of Your Project
  • Creating your Collection Plan
  • In-house Review
  • Determining your Best Production Options
  • Key Take-Aways
  • Conclusion